About Me

My name is Adrianna Eason and I do many neat things
Educator | Software Engineer | STEM Advocate | Full Stack Web Development | Civil Engineer

My name is Adrianna Eason, and I do many neat things — I am a natural problem solver, with love for technology, teamwork and community.

I started off my career in Civil Engineering. As an engineer, I worked on the largest roadway construction projects in the State of Wisconsin. I worked in roadway design, highway construction, managed small and large contracts and worked alongside of the best engineers.

I was eager to increase the number of black engineers in the community, because of a lack of diversity in engineering. To help our community — continue to build. I became a Science Teacher with Teach For America. My work in education has taught me resilience, love, and a large range of soft skills. Most recently, I helped open a school in North Minneapolis as a Founding Teacher. As a result as my work in Education, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) will always be at the center of what I do.

I have a love for Engineering and Urban Education. I have tinkered with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a hobby for a while now. I am proud to provide you with my services: building your website, web applications, and creating a web presence that fits your needs.

Of course, I offer discounts for Non-Profits and Educators, because of how much you do for our communities.